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Rococo Chocolates Organic Dark Chocolate 65% Cocoa Bar

Rococo Chocolates will be making a donation to World Land Trust (WLT) for every bar sold of Organic Dark Chocolate 65% Cocoa during WLT’s 25th Anniversary year.

Rococo as a company is deeply concerned about the ethics and sustainability of chocolate growing. The dark chocolate used in the Artisan Bar recipes is made with fine flavoured cocoas, some of which are grown at Rococo’s own farm in Grenada.

“Rococo is happy to be supporting World Land Trust during their 25th anniversary by donating a minimum of 25p from all the Rococo Organic Dark chocolate 65% cocoa bars sold during the period,” said Chantal.

WLT is delighted to partner with Rococo Chocolates on the 25th Anniversary dark chocolate bar, and when sample bars were given to a number of Council members they were unanimous in their ooohs and aaahs.

“Rococo is an inspirational company and we greatly admire the holistic approach,” said WLT Council member Rohini Finch. “We are delighted to count them amongst our friends and supporters. And, yes, the chocolate is absolutely delicious – I recommend it 100 per cent.”

Council member Bill Oddie is another fan of Rococo Chocolates. He said: “I have been described as ‘a huge chocolate lover’. I am not. A bit overweight maybe, verging on plump perhaps, but not huge. I am still lithe enough to trek through the rainforests, pausing now and then for a fortifying and delicious nibble of Rococo chocolate – if I had it, that is. The trouble is, I’ll never have any Rococo chocolate in the rainforest as I’ll have eaten it all well before I’ve left the country.”

OBE for Chantal Coady

Earlier in November, Chantal Coady, founder and Creative Director of Rococo Chocolates was awarded an OBE. As well as recognising Chantal’s services to chocolate, the OBE reflects Rococo’s donations to charity over the years and the company’s craftsmanship, customer service and ethics.

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