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Chris Garidis.

Chris Garidis died unexpectedly in February 2014 at the age of 32. His brother Steve remembers what happened: “Seven months ago my irrepressible, irreverent, irreplaceable little brother Chris died suddenly. He was always surprising us. Every day I wish I could laugh with him again.”

In honour of Chris, Steve and two of Chris’s best friends, Alex and George, will be running the ‘classic marathon’ on 9 November 2014 from Marathon to Athens in Greece.

“’Challenging’ and ‘Greek’ could describe both the run and Chris,” said Steve. “No doubt he would have particularly enjoyed the fact that this marathon is largely uphill. And no, we won’t be running it naked like the original marathoner Pheidippides… (No one wants that!)”

Steve, Alex and George will be raising money for World Land Trust, a charity that they say encapsulates Chris’s love of wildlife and adventurous places.

“We are running the original Greek marathon for Chris and to raise funds for World Land Trust because Chris loved wild animals and wild places.” Steve Garidis

Steve explains: “Chris loved all kinds of wild animals, in particular primates such as gorillas and chimpanzees and he went to incredible lengths to see them in their natural environment. World Land Trust directly tackles the biggest threat for endangered species like these – loss of habitat – and I know Chris would have approved.”

Another friend, Ben Keizner is also supporting the fundraising effort in memory of Chris. Ben will be running the New York City Marathon on 2 November 2014.

Together the fundraisers have already raised more than £2,300. Please support their commitment to honour Chris’s memory.

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In memory of Chris Garidis, born 16 June 1981, died 24 February 2014.