Dan Bradbury auctions tiger watercolour for Big Cat Appeal SEARCH NEWS

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Dan Bradbury, the Head of Digital Communications at World Land Trust (WLT), has been putting his painting skills to good use (out of hours, of course!)

His painting of a tiger is for sale on Facebook to the highest bidder and all proceeds will be donated to WLT’s Big Cat Appeal.

The unmounted painting is watercolour, gouache and pen and the dimensions are 210mm x 295mm.

The auction closes at midnight on 15 October 2014 and the donation will be doubled because of Big Match Fortnight. The current highest bid is £45.

Big Cat Big Match

Time is running out for big cats in the wild, and for tigers in particular. In its 25th Anniversary year WLT is putting the spotlight on big cats with a major appeal to raise funds for the conservation of big cat habitat..

Outside conservation areas, big cats are severely threatened by loss of habitat, human-wildlife conflict and hunting. To survive, big cats need more wildlife corridors, larger reserves and greater protection. Donations to WLT’s Big Cat Appeal will be used to fund a wildlife corridor in northern India that will keep Bengal Tigers safe.

During Big Cat Big Match Fortnight (1-15 October 2014) all donations to WLT’s Big Cat Appeal will be matched pound for pound with funds pledged in advance.

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