Loom Band Aid: seven year olds raise £100 to buy an acre SEARCH NEWS

Holly holds a bundle of loom bands.

Holly Dennett and Benjamin Chorley were so upset to learn in school about deforestation that they decided to raise £1,000 to fly to Brazil to tell people to stop cutting down trees.

After much discussion, and some parental advice, the children lowered their sights. Instead of aiming for £1,000, they set a target to raise £100 to donate to World Land Trust (WLT) to save a whole acre of forest.

The effort was steered by Holly’s mum Jennie Dennett, who arranged Loom Band Aid at Mill Dam Park in Ulverston.

Jennie explained how the children raised the funds: “It was a great community day. Everyone pitched in and about 60 people came, donating £1 to take part to try and make a record-breaking loom band. With a cake stall, donations and an impromptu rap show from some of the kids, we hit the £100 target.”

In the run up to the event the Dennett’s house was overrun with loom bands. “It feels like we have enough loom bands in this house to get to the moon and back given the piles exploding about the place!” she wrote on her Facebook page, adding: “I’m just a finger knitter myself which ranks my skills below that of the average six-year-old.”

So was it the longest loom band ever made? “Our loom band is 57 metres long and we think it’s the longest loom band in Cumbria!” said Holly.

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