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A row of World Land Trust staff hold up a tape measure.

Following a positive response to the launch fortnight of Great Garden Give, World Land Trust (WLT) is extending the window for donations through the summer.

Launched at the end of June, Great Garden Give appeals to all those who care about wildlife and conservation both at home and overseas.

Making the connection between tending a small plot for wildlife and managing a nature reserve for conservation, Great Garden Give invites supporters to donate to save an area of threatened habitat that’s the same size as their own garden.

“We have had a good response to the campaign so far,” said John Burton, WLT Chief Executive, “and we are delighted that it is encouraging people to donate and also to think about their gardens as miniature wildlife reserves.”

To work out how much you’d need to donate to save an area of forest the same size as your garden, simply measure your garden in metres or strides – even just an estimate will do – and enter the figures into the Great Garden Give calculator on WLT’s website. At just 2.5p per square metre, most people in the UK can afford to become a Great Garden Giver.

We decided to extend the window for donations through the summer as this is the time when people are most enjoying their gardens, and during the school holidays children will have the opportunity to get involved in measuring their garden too.

Funds raised through Great Garden Give will be used to purchase and protect forest in Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico and threatened savanna grassland in Bolivia.

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