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WLT deckchair with tiger-print

Here at World Land Trust (WLT) we are busy organising our summer fundraising campaign.

We shall be launching the campaign towards the end of June and we’re certain that it will have widespread appeal, particularly to garden lovers.

The campaign will encourage small donations (£2.50 on average), and the campaign’s success will depend on it reaching a large number of donors.

To make sure the campaign attracts widespread public interest we shall be relying on our own social networks and those of our supporters. So when the time comes, please do all you can to spread the word.

Donations raised from the summer campaign will go to WLT’s Buy an Acre fund, which underpins our core conservation work. The fund enables WLT to purchase land of conservation value that would otherwise be lost. Buy an Acre funds are saving savanna grasslands in Bolivia, and forest in Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

And while you’re sitting back, waiting for breaking news of our summer campaign, don’t forget that WLT deckchairs are on sale. Every deckchair purchased saves half an acre of tropical forest, and relaxing in a WLT deckchair is a great way to enjoy your garden.

And if you don’t want to wait until the summer campaign launches, you can always make a donation to Buy an Acre today!

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