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Dillon Burgess walking through Millennium Green.

Dillon Burgess is worried about wildlife. And although he’s only five and a half, Dillon understands that hunters and poachers pose a real threat to animals in the wild. But for this particular child, doing nothing about the problem wasn’t an option.

With the help of his parents, Dillon organised a sponsored walk around Halesworth which took in the cycle path in Millennium Green, his local park in Halesworth. Supported by friends and family, Dillon walked five miles and raised £108 for his local conservation charity, World Land Trust (WLT).

Dillon’s concern for wildlife was triggered by a visit to Banham Zoo, where he noticed a poster about hunters killing wild animals. He quickly discovered that tigers are prized for their skins, and that elephants are hunted for their tusks. For Dillon that was just plain wrong, and he was determined to do something about it.

“Even very young children understand that wildlife is in crisis, so well done to Dillon for coming up with a great idea to raise funds to address the problem,” said Kelly Jacobs, WLT’s Training, Education & Outreach Manager.

For a quarter of a century WLT has been raising funds to save the tropical forests that shelter the endangered species that Dillon cares so much about. And thanks to the support of thousands of other donors, young and old, WLT is well placed to keep on protecting forests and other threatened habitats for many more years to come.

Anniversary Fundraisers

By raising funds for WLT in 2014, Dillon is one of WLT’s Anniversary Fundraisers, a group of individual supporters who pledge to raise funds during the Trust’s 25th anniversary year, which runs until May 2015.

Anyone who raises in excess of £1,000 before 6 May 2015 will receive a personally signed certificate from Sir David Attenborough, one of WLT’s Patrons.

WLT website has plenty of hints and tips for individual fundraisers. Visit our individual supporter fundraising page »

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