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Atlantic rainforest at Guapi Assu.

An eco-thriller set in the heart of Brazil launches on Friday 25 April to raise funds for a conservation project in the Atlantic Rainforest supported by World Land Trust (WLT).

All proceeds from sales of the e-book Jabujicaba: The Heart of Brazil will go to WLT to fund conservation work at Reserva Ecologica De Guapi Assu (REGUA).

Author Sigrid Shreeve (writing under the pen name Rosa Da Silva), explained: “I chose to support World Land Trust because in their 25 years of raising funds for conservation, they’ve avoided the pitfalls of campaigning through media headlines and celebrities, keeping their focus on their core messages and conservation values.

“Their ethos is to ensure as much funding as possible goes to supporting conservation work on-the-ground. They’re taking direct action to protect the rainforest – tree by tree, and acre by acre.”

Having worked within Brazil’s environmental movement, the author’s love for the country and its incredible natural beauty is vividly evoked through Carmen, the book’s complex but courageous heroine. Her adventure through the rainforest and her emotional connection with the environment, wildlife and its people, paints a sensuous picture of a complex, diverse nature and culture – one at the mercy of exploitation.

Tropical haven in the Atlantic Rainforest

Nestled in the beautiful Serra dos Órgãos Mountains in the Rio de Janeiro state, Guapi Assu is a lush tropical haven, home to a wealth of wildlife, ranging from Critically Endangered animals, like the Woolly Spider Monkey (Muriqui Brachyteles), to charismatic cat species, like the Puma and Ocelot.

WLT has supported REGUA since 2001, and funding has been used to extend the size of the reserve to protect more of the severely depleted Atlantic Rainforest. The Trust has also supported extensive reforestation and habitat regeneration work, in areas of the reserve that were previously destroyed to create farmland, and provides funds for wildlife rangers to protect the reserve from illegal hunting and logging.

The reserve at Guapi Assu is not just a natural sanctuary, but also a linchpin for change. REGUA has a successful environmental education programme that enables school children to get actively involved in protecting their rainforest. They know that inspiring local people, especially youngsters, is vital to the long-term conservation success of the rainforest and its wildlife.

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