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Caucasian Leopard lying in long grass, a still from a camera-trap video.

Saving Armenia’s Leopard – a conservation project developed by World Land Trust (WLT) – is ahead in a public poll after two days of voting.

If enough people back Saving Armenia’s Leopard in the poll’s Nature projects category, it will win a grant of €30,000 from the European Outdoor Conservation Association. The funds will support vital conservation measures for the endangered Caucasian Leopard in Armenia.

EOCA’s online poll is being run in conjunction with National Geographic Germany.  “We are 48 hours in and the voting has got off to a fantastic start! Every project has been getting a good number of votes and the total figure to date is 3,680 for the nature projects,” said Tanya Bascombe, EOCA’s General Manager. “The Armenian Leopard project is currently in the lead, but numbers are running tightly together.”

With the poll open for another 12 days, the Armenian Leopard’s early lead is no indication of the final result, so please keep on encouraging colleagues, friends and family to vote. The last day of voting is 31 March 2014.

Vote for Saving Armenia’s Leopard

EOCA vote button

Click the Vote Now button and you will be directed to the voting page of the EOCA website. Scroll down through the list of projects to find Saving Armenia’s Leopard – and then please vote.

People can only register one vote, so please ask your friends, family and colleagues to vote as well.

Multiple votes from the same IP address (ie most offices) may not be counted so please vote from a home computer if possible.

More information

Caucasian Leopard

There may be as few as 15 Caucasian Leopards remaining in Armenia. © Misad /

Watch a video about the remarkable story of the Caucasian Leopard »

WLT has developed the Saving Armenia’s Leopard project with conservation partner, the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC). If the project is successful in the poll, FPWC will use the grant to strengthen conservation actions, develop sustainable tourism initiatives with local communities and undertake research and monitoring to build a greater understanding of this little studied predator.

WLT has been supporting FPWC’s conservation protection measures in Armenia since 2010. WLT has provided Keepers of the Wild funding for the employment of rangers in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge since 2011. The rangers monitor wildlife, deter poachers and raise awareness and support for conservation activities among local communities. Since late 2012 WLT has been running a special appeal for additional funds to Save the Caucasian Leopard.

You can support conservation in Armenia by donating to either appeal.

Donate to Keepers of the Wild

UPDATE: The following button will now take you to the donate to Action Fund page

Donate to the Action Fund

WLT’s project has been nominated by Nikwax, a WLT corporate supporter and member of EOCA.

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