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Give as you Live donations to World Land Trust (WLT) came to £116 in December 2013 – enough to buy an acre of threatened habitat in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador or Mexico.

Following a concerted effort to promote Give as you Live to WLT supporters in 2013, the number of shoppers using Give as you Live for their online shopping had nearly doubled by the end of the year. Likewise, Give as you Live donations increased steadily month on month throughout 2013.

WLT is now benefiting from online purchases made by 98 supporters using Give as you Live. Every time these supporters make an online purchase through Give as you Live, the shop or brand they are buying from makes a donation to WLT. It doesn’t cost supporters a penny.

WLT has set the ambitious target of having 500 shoppers by the year end. If successful, we could be looking at five acres saved in December 2014, thanks to Give as you Live, rather than just one!

If you’re not already using Give as you Live, please click here to install it now.

And if you are using it, please encourage at least one other person you know also to start using it. Even better, show someone you know how to install it.

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