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Mountainous landscape.

World Land Trust (WLT) has funded an extension to the remote Cerro Prieto-Cerro la Luz reserve in Mexico’s Sierra Gorda thanks to donations from corporate supporters Travel Republic and Saladstop!

Measuring 272 acres (110 hectares), the remote property is in the north of the Sierra Gorda biosphere reserve. The purchase was coordinated by Roberto Pedraza, Technical Director of Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG), WLT’s conservation partner in Mexico.

“This is an important property,” explains Roberto, “because in that very rocky part of the sierra there are few passes and limited access. So, by purchasing land here, we will be able to close one of the passes and prevent cattle crossing into the rest of the reserve. And, with no cattle there, human activity decreases, because farmers will no longer be looking for their cows there.”

The property is covered with temperate forests dominated by pines, oaks and white cedars. There are some very wet areas, where some cloud forest species are present. Pumas, Margays and porcupines make their home there, along with bird species including Crested Guans and the endemic and endangered Bearded Wood-Partridges. The reserve also provides habitat for some very local plant specialities, such as the micro-endemic butterworts Pinguicula martinezii and Pinguicula calderoninae.

Now that the purchase is complete, logging will be completely banned, and thanks to WLT’s supporters, another part of the Sierra Gorda has been saved in perpetuity for wildlife and biodiversity.

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Corporate support provides a significant income for WLT’s land purchase and protection projects, and WLT is pleased to accept donations from companies who are able to demonstrate a commitment to the environment. WLT’s corporate supporters represent a wide range of different businesses and activities, the majority based in the UK but some overseas. More about how your company can save habitats and wildlife »

Individuals can also help GESG extend protected areas in Sierra Gorda by donating to WLT’s Buy an Acre appeal.

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