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We are calling for online shoppers to support World Land Trust (WLT) by using Give as you Live – in a bid to have 500 Give as you Live shoppers by the end of 2014.

If you buy online from any of the thousands of brands and retailers registered with Give as you Live – and name WLT as your beneficiary charity – the brands and retailers you buy from will make a donation to WLT every time you make a purchase.

At the last count WLT had more than 90 supporters shopping online with Give as you Live, and we believe a target of 500 by the end of 2014 is achievable – not least because there’s hardly anyone we know that doesn’t shop online (even if only occasionally).

WLT supporter Chris Redston loves using Give as you Live. He says: “I would strongly recommend all WLT supporters to join Give as you Live. I’ve been using it for about a year and it’s excellent. If you want to buy something, the Give as you Live app will pop up when you visit the website and tell you how much of your purchase is donated to the WLT. It works for Amazon, Trainline, John Lewis, and hundreds more, and doesn’t cost you a penny. Please join now – every WLT supporter should sign up and we can save more acres together.”

Shop online and raise funds for charity

In 2013 UK shoppers spent an eye watering £91billion online, and forecasts suggest a 17 percent growth in 2014. That means an estimated £107billion will be spent online during the year, and if all that online shopping was done through Give as you Live, more than a billion would be donated to charity!

Using Give as you Live for your online shopping is such an easy way to raise funds for WLT. It’s simple and it doesn’t cost the shopper anything, because the donation is made by the online shop or brand you’re buying from. And goods don’t cost any more when bought through Give as you Live.

Give as you Live donations are allocated to WLT’s Action Fund, which allows WLT the flexibility to direct money where it is most urgently needed, allowing us to react to the changing circumstances faced by our overseas conservation partners. This means that your online shopping can raise valuable funds to help WLT purchase land for conservation and save endangered species.

If you’re not already using Give as you Live, please click here to install it now.

And if you are using it, please encourage at least one other person you know also to start using it. Word of mouth recommendations are the best way to change the way people do things. And if you are already using Give as you Live you’ll know how easy it is, and how good it feels to see the donations total build up over time. Please become a Give as you Live champion for WLT and held spread the word.

Give as you Live app for mobile and tablet

Many shoppers use iPads and mobile phones to shop on the go and the Give as You Live app for mobiles and tablets means that WLT won’t miss out on Give as you Live purchases made by roving shoppers.

With the new app, shoppers can choose the store they wish to shop at and then purchase their products as they normally would and raise a donation for their chosen charity as usual.

The app is now available to download: follow the links from the Give as you Live install page.

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