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Crazy Creepy Crawlies book cover.

When did you last check the list of companies that support World Land Trust? Take another look and you’ll find makers of jewellery, skin care products, shoes, clothing, music and much more. These items are perfect presents at any time of year – but especially at Christmas!

Here are just a few examples of the ways in which corporate supporters of World Land Trust (WLT) raise funds for conservation through sales of their goods.

Believer Jewellery makes a donation to WLT on the sale of any item from its Life Collection. SHO Fine Jewellery also makes a donation when someone buys one of its animal friendship bracelets.

Po-Zu ethical shoes invite customers to choose one of three charities – WLT among them – to receive a donation from Po-Zu.

Orico offers certified organic skincare products and supports WLT’s Borneo Rainforest Appeal, while children’s author Kevin Price makes a donation for every copy of his beautiful books sold: Beauty Contest at the Zoo, Fun and Games at the Zoo and Crazy Creepie Crawlies.

Puro Coffee is served in hundreds of cafes throughout the country; and 2 per cent of sales is donated to a range of WLT’s projects.  Meanwhile Body Shop and WLT have developed Wood Positive, a programme of reforestation in Brazil and Ecuador that ensures that each year 10 per cent more wood is grown and preserved than Body Shop uses in its packaging.

Sarah Class donates £1 to WLT from each sale of her CD, A New Dawn, and Ginkgo Music pledges £100 for every 20 copies sold of the original music album: Tropical Forest Project: Ecuador.

These are just a few examples, so take a fresh look at WLT’s corporate supporters. You may be surprised to see the range of products and services on offer.


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