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Sir David Attenborough

“In a world where wildlife is struggling to survive World Land Trust and their local partners are going to save as much of the planet as they can,” says Sir David Attenborough, WLT Patron and a supporter ever since the Trust was launched.

Echoing Sir David’s sentiments, John Burton, CEO of World Land Trust (WLT) goes on to say: “We have a great opportunity in 2014 – our 25th anniversary – to do even more for wildlife in this special year. I urge everyone who cares about the natural world to work with us to put conservation first in 2014.”

Over the past quarter century, while biodiverse habitats have come under increasing pressure from humans, WLT has remained utterly committed to permanently protecting endangered habitats.

WLT’s enduring mission is to purchase and protect land in association with partner conservation organisations overseas. In this, WLT is staunchly supported by its patrons, trustees and council members, ambassadors and corporate supporters, Friends of WLT and by many thousands of other individual donors.

25th Anniversary Year: 1989-2014

To mark its 25th anniversary WLT is designing a programme of events and activities to put the spotlight on the vital importance of protecting the world’s last remaining wild places.

“In our anniversary year, we are redoubling our efforts to focus public attention on the importance of taking action now to save the natural world,” says John, who has led WLT since it was established in 1989. “This is not something that we can put off until some metaphorical tomorrow. We are close to reaching a tipping point. Threats to the world’s wilderness areas are increasing daily and time is running out. We must act now to save the planet’s life giving biodiversity.”

“I urge everyone who cares about the natural world to work with us to put conservation first in 2014.”
(John Burton, WLT Chief Executive)

John is appealing to all those who care about the natural world, its majestic forests, its breath taking landscapes and its creatures great and small.

“With the backing of all those who care about conservation, we can make 2014 a landmark year for the conservation of endangered habitats and species,” says John. “We have set an ambitious target to raise £5m in donations for conservation projects. Will you work with us to safeguard more threatened habitats and to protect more endangered species in 2014? Will you make it your new year’s resolution to put conservation first in 2014?”

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