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In September 2013 World Land Trust-US (WLT-US) officially became the Rainforest Trust, following a decision by its board that a different name would better reflect their aims and objectives.

Dr Paul Salaman, formerly Chief Executive of WLT-US and now Chief Executive of Rainforest Trust, reassured supporters on both sides of the Atlantic: “While our name has changed, our mission has not. Our dedication to protecting threatened places and species remains as solid as ever, as does our commitment to being one of the most cost-effective conservation organisations on the ground. We will retain close ties with World Land Trust, and will continue to work closely with our overseas partner to ensure the future success of joint projects.”

John Burton, Chief Executive of World Land Trust (WLT), said: “The closeness of the working relationship over the past six years has meant that we have been able to have open and frank discussions with our colleagues at WLT-US, now Rainforest Trust. The continuation of our shared mission to save as much threatened habitats and their wildlife as possible has never been in doubt. We look forward to building on the partnership.”

In 2006 the US not-for-profit, World Parks, became World Land Trust-US following discussions with WLT’s board of trustees. Since then WLT and WLT-US have worked closely, sharing information and enabling each to build a higher profile and a wider support base.

In the past six years both organisations have expanded their capacity and project commitments. While WLT-US has traditionally focused on Central and South America, WLT has become increasingly involved in saving threatened land in Asia and Africa.

Rainforest Trust donates £90,000 during Big Match Fortnight

To celebrate the new working arrangements, Rainforest Trust donated £90,000 to the Borneo Rainforest Appeal, during Big Match Fortnight. This was a wonderful way to demonstrate shared support for conservation.

Rainforest Trust has now become one of four operational partners with whom WLT shares partners, information and funding initiatives. The others are: Birdlife International, IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands and Acciónatura (Spain).

WLT also has 26 overseas conservation programme partners.

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