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Thinking of scrapping your old car? Use Giveacar to dispose of your vehicle and the proceeds will be donated to World Land Trust.

Giveacar is a not-for-private-profit social enterprise that raises money for charity by accepting donations of old cars. You can donate all the proceeds, or give half to charity and keep half for yourself.

How much can a car raise for charity?

Every car is different, but they all have a value. Scrap car donations are based solely on the weight of the metal (so CD players and alloy wheels, for example, don’t add to the donation). If your car is roadworthy, Giveacar may be able to raise much more by selling it at auction. Giveacar deals with hundreds of cars, and staff know how to get the best value. (Trade prices are often higher than private sales.)

World Land Trust (WLT) has already benefitted from several supporters choosing to donate Giveacar funds. In fact, you may be surprised how much an old banger is worth. Every vehicle is worth something, and Giveacar takes not only cars but also ride-on lawnmowers, farm machinery, vans, motorbikes and lorries. Not only will you save yourself the hassle of trying to sell or dispose of an old car, but WLT will really benefit.

How does Giveacar work?

The process is simple. All you have to do is fill in a form or call the office. It takes a few minutes to go through your details. Once you have given your approval, a collection agent will call you in order to arrange a convenient pick-up time.

The car is usually collected within three days, though in a few cases it may take up to 10 days. You can ensure a fast collection by also submitting an email address.

The car is sent to scrap or auction. Then, once administration costs have been deducted Giveacar donates the proceeds to a charity of your choice. You will receive a receipt for the donation from both Giveacar and the charity. Both of these receipts should arrive in six weeks. If you have chosen to donate half the value of your car, your receipt letter will also contain a cheque from Giveacar for half the donation amount.

Launched in January 2010 by Tom Chance after he graduated from Nottingham University, Giveacar was the first service of its kind in the UK and allows charities to tap into a brand new source of funds.

Giveacar has been a great success both with charities and the general public, raising more than £1million so far for more than 1,000 charities. Giveacar is an independent social company, not owned by or tied to any commercial operation.

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