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Photograph of Rye Harbour Sussex by Barry Yates

Dan Bradbury, Head of Digital Communications at World Land Trust (WLT), is one of the judges of WLT’s Wild Places competition. Here he gives his reaction to some of the images submitted.

There have been some truly beautiful images entered into the competition so far and choosing the first weekly winner was a genuinely hard task.

The charm of the competition is that we are receiving pictures of stunning landscapes alongside images of little oases closer to their homes. There are images ranging from a coastal scene in Patagonia to a path through Bawsey near Kings Lynn, which is a place that I know well.

Another good example is Jane Parson’s image of a church yard. Her photo shows that wild spaces can be anywhere, they don’t have to be set in vast landscapes. Intimate places are just as important, not only for wildlife, but also for the people that use them.

There have been two aspects of the competition that have both surprised and inspired me. One is the personal nature of some of the pictures and the other is the stunning landscapes that turn out to be where I would never have guessed. For example, when I first saw the photo sent in by Bryony Blyth, from the thumbnail image I thought it must have been taken somewhere like Borneo, whereas it’s actually an image of the River Tyne near Humshaugh in Northumberland. Many of the images submitted capture a meaningful moment in time for the person in the picture, and also draw our attention to little corners of paradise.

As for the first week’s winning entry by Barry Yates of Rye Harbour, it’s a lovely image that captures the mood and the feel of the place beautifully – the colours of the vegetation, the pebbles, and the moody skies above the hut on the beach. Finding out that Barry lives and works among the many rare and endangered plants and animals at Rye Harbour gave me a twinge of envy. He is fortunate to live in such a stunning landscape and thank you to him and to all of you for sharing your wild places with us.

WLT is very grateful to WLT corporate supporters Puro Coffee and Media Bounty who have sponsored the competition.

All the images submitted can be seen on WLT’s Facebook site.

The competition is running for seven weeks, so keep sending us your pictures! Every week there is a Puro Coffee prize hamper to be won, and at the end of the competition we will award the grand prize – a Puro Coffee espresso machine – to the overall winner.

Do you have a favourite wild place? Send us a picture of your best loved scene today!

You can send images through Facebook, or via Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag #wltWildPlaces.

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World Land Trust launched the Wild Places competition on 30 July 2013 in association with Puro Coffee and Media Bounty. The competition ends on 23 September 2013.

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