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English Heritage's Stonehenge Guide front cover

English Heritage (EH) has committed to using Carbon Balanced Paper for all its visitor guides, which is projected to save 260 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Carbon Balanced Paper is an initiative from PaperlinX UK, incorporating Howard Smith Paper, Robert Horne and the Paper Company, in partnership with World Land Trust (WLT).

Through the Carbon Balanced Paper initiative, carbon emissions unavoidably released during the paper manufacturing process are calculated and offset through WLT’s Carbon Balanced projects overseas.

EH’s Stonehenge guide is the first guide to be printed, with more than 20 other guides to follow.

It is estimated that EH’s switch to Carbon Balanced Paper for all its guides will offset 260 tonnes of carbon emissions, protecting critically threatened Amazonian foothill forest in the process.

Reducing carbon emissions

“English Heritage is delighted that all our future visitor guides will be printed on Carbon Balanced Paper,” said Elaine Pooke, Production Manager at English Heritage.

“This will preserve more than 21,000 square metres of high conservation land, and the flora and fauna it supports, through World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Programme. Alongside the environmental benefits, it demonstrates that at English Heritage we are taking responsibility for our own carbon emissions. This action is aligned with English Heritage’s fundamental objectives of preserving our heritage for future generations.”

“English Heritage has shown tremendous commitment to Carbon Balanced Paper. We hope that other companies will follow English Heritage’s lead.”
(Neil Williams, WLT’s Carbon Programme Officer, Ecosystem Services)

“Increasingly our corporate and public sector clients are looking to reduce their carbon emissions,” explains Jonathan Tame, Carbon Reduction and Environment Manager for PaperlinX. “Carbon Balanced Paper is a simple solution to help an organisation reduce the carbon impacts of their marketing communications, and support their wider carbon reduction objectives.”

“English Heritage has shown tremendous commitment to Carbon Balanced Paper,” said Neil Williams, WLT’s Carbon Programme Officer (Ecosystem Services). “It will mean further preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems and we hope that other companies will follow English Heritage’s lead.”

Carbon Balanced Paper offsets 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide

Carbon Balanced Paper has made remarkable progress in the two years since its launch in 2011:

  • Registered – more than 4,000 print jobs
  • Offset – more than 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide
  • Preserved – more than 2,500 acres* of threatened land of high value for biodiversity
Carbon Balanced Paper logo

World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme offsets emissions by preserving forests under imminent threat of deforestation thereby protecting stored carbon in forest habitats that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. Additional atmospheric carbon is sequestered when degraded forests are restored either through tree planting programmes or by enabling natural regeneration.

This means that not only does WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions, but it also safeguards biodiversity and threatened ecosystems.

WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme currently focuses on Ecuador, protecting and restoring vital forest habitat at sites chosen for their high levels of biodiversity, as well as their suitability for offsetting emissions.

Carbon Balanced Publication Printers

In 2012, an additional certification scheme was launched for Carbon Balanced Publication Printers which guarantees that the total carbon footprint of a print job or publication has been offset.

Carbon Balanced Publications logo

Printers certified as Carbon Balanced Publication Printers undergo a continual assessment process that calculates unavoidable carbon emissions across all operations. Unavoidable emissions are then offset through WLT Carbon Balanced projects.

There are currently 14 certified Carbon Balanced Publication Printers.

* Please note the Carbon Balanced Paper programme is designed to precisely offset greenhouse gas emissions. Quoted figures for area of land preserved are derived from a specific average offset ratio per square metre across all Carbon Balanced project sites and may vary over time from the actual area of land preserved.

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