Rare, endemic butterwort discovered in Sierra Gorda SEARCH NEWS

Rare, endemic butterwort discovered in Sierra Gorda

A rare, carnivorous plant has been found in Mexico’s Sierra Gorda, in a reserve recently purchased by World Land Trust (WLT).

The tiny butterworts (Pinguicula) were discovered by Roberto Pedraza Ruiz, Technical Officer of the Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG).

“We have just heard that the tiny plants that I photographed earlier in the month are indeed a very special species, endemic to a very restricted range in the Sierra Gorda,” Roberto told WLT.

Dr Sergio Zamudio, a botanist with more than 30 years’ experience in Sierra Gorda, has confirmed that the species is Pinguicula martinezii. The species is known to be endemic to the area, but had not previously been seen or photographed by staff on the reserve.

Situated in the state of  Queretaro, the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve covers an area of over 946,000 acres (383,000 ha) with a wide diversity of vegetation and terrain including cloud forest, steep limestone mountains and deep canyons.

In the wild, Mexican Pinguicula are known to grow on limestone cliffs and the plants photographed by Roberto were growing in a slight fissure in the rock face.

World Land Trust has been working closely with GESG for six years to protect and extend the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. You too can support this valuable conservation work in Sierra Gorda by buying an acre in Mexico.

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