Printers sign up to environmental responsibility and become Carbon Balanced through World Land Trust SEARCH NEWS

Need a job printing? Worried about the environmental consequences? Taking their environmental responsibility further, printers using Carbon Balanced Paper have been challenged to go beyond this pledge and look at their whole operation.

World Land Trust (WLT) congratulates the first printers in the UK who have succeeded in becoming Carbon Balanced Publication Printers.

Carbon Balanced Publication Printers ensure that the total carbon footprint of a print job or publication has been offset. The only way to guarantee this is to quantify and then offset their unavoidable organisational emissions. Through a continual assessment process Carbon Balanced Publication Printers analyse the environmental impact of their operations and examine ways in which this can be reduced.

There will, inevitably, be residual, unavoidable, emissions and these must be offset through WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme if an organisation is to attain Carbon Balanced Publication Printer status. Carbon Balanced projects deliver the same core benefits for biodiversity conservation as other WLT projects. Yet in addition they are specifically designed to achieve real, robust climate benefits.

Please choose a Carbon Balanced Publication Printer for your next print job and look out for Carbon Balanced Paper and Carbon Balanced Publication logos.


Case studies: Two Carbon Balanced Publication Printers helping WLT

Author Kevin Price chooses Barnwell Print, Norfolk’s first Carbon Balanced printer, for his popular children’s books: The Beauty Contest at the Zoo, Crazy Creepy Crawlies and Fun & Games at the Zoo which are favourites with children between two and seven years of age. Kevin promotes WLT in these books and a donation is made for every book sold. What’s more, they are printed on Carbon Balanced Paper and Barnwell Print publish a statement saying how much carbon has been balanced and equating it to the amount of tropical forest that has been saved.

To read reviews:

  • Beauty Contest at the Zoo
  • Fun & Games at the Zoo
  • Crazy Creepy Crawlies

To buy copies please ring World Land Trust on 01986 874 422. Visit the author’s website: Kama Publishing.

WLT’s official printer is Kingfisher Press, also a Carbon Balanced Publication Printer. They have printed all our literature for several years and give us an excellent service; they also donate the cost of printing WLT Annual Review and some of WLT’s other publications throughout the year.

Kingfisher follow best practice to guarantee utmost environmental integrity and, in addition to Carbon Balanced Publication Printer status, hold FSC and PEFC accreditation. About Carbon Balanced Paper, Kingfisher Press say:

“At Kingfisher we use Carbon Balanced paper wherever possible for our own print, and promote the range of paper at every opportunity with clients. Displaying the Carbon Balanced Paper logo demonstrates that print has been produced with the environment in mind and supports environmental policy.”


How WLT uses funds raised through Carbon Balanced Paper

Funds raised through Carbon Balanced are used by WLT to tackle climate change through projects that both offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and conserve biodiversity. By purchasing ecologically important standing forests under imminent threat of destruction and degradation, carbon is kept locked up that would otherwise be released. Protected forests are then able to continue absorbing more carbon from the atmosphere. Referred to as REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation), this is now recognised as one of the most cost-effective and swiftest ways to arrest the rise in atmospheric CO2 and climate change.


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