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Military Macaws flying over forests in Mexico

Every acre counts: nearly 1,500 saved in one month in Mexico, Paraguay and Ecuador..

564 acres of ancient forest habitat SAVED in Mexico

In addition to the 878 acres (355 ha) of land WLT has helped save so far this year with our partners in Mexico, Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG), a further 564 acres have been purchased this autumn to give the threatened species of Mexico more secure land in which to flourish.

Two new properties have been successfully purchased, the first safeguarding 193 acre Cerro del Pino with support from WLT’s corporate supporter Travel Republic. This reserve links to the recently purchased Canon del Fresno Reserve. An additional 371 acres has also been purchased to extend the Hoya Verde reserve through donations to the Buy an Acre fund.

About these new purchases, Roberto Pedraza, Technical Advisor at GESG says:  “When we did the survey of the Cerro del Pino Reserve we found great forest full of wildlife, including some of my favourites, the gossamer-winged butterflies. These ethereal creatures need good understory to make a living, so removing the cattle immediately benefits them. Abel, WLT-funded Keeper of the Wild was with us and he found a gentle fer-de-lance lying in the trail. To begin with she was sound asleep so I woke her up gently to be able to get a good shot. She was very good tempered and didn’t try to bite; very nice. There are also Tamanduas, Porcupines, Pacas, Margays and two species of deer. Both reserves are a great addition to the conservation of the Sierra Gorda. Thank you to everyone who helped with these new forest purchases.


Gossamer-winged Butterfly
Fer-de-lance Snake

Two photographs taken by GESG Technical Advisor, Roberto Pedraza, while carrying out a survey on the new Cerro del Pino Reserve. Left: a Gossamer-winged Butterfly, needing good understory forest habitat to survive; Right: A Fer-de-lance Snake of the pit viper family which is highly venomous.

Map showing land recently purchased
Mighty tree within the reserve

Left: the map showing the new sector of Cerro del Pino connecting to the recently purchased Canon del Fresno Reserve. Right: a mighty rainforest tree within the reserve.

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