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World Land Trust (WLT) is on Pinterest showcasing beautiful images of the rainforests and wildlife we are protecting, join us this week and get inspired

Here at WLT we love nothing more than sharing our passion for the natural world with our supporters. We have discovered that Pinterest, a new social networking site, is the perfect way to share inspirational images of the habitats and species we are working together to protect.

Tiger in India

Do you think the Tiger is the most important animal to be protected in a WLT-funded nature reserve? © Maria Allen

This week, between the 6 and 13 July, we want our supporters to let us know what you think is the most important animal to be protected in our nature reserves across the world.

Is it one of the flagship species we are saving – from elephants, tigers and orang-utans in Asia to the pumas and jaguars in Latin America? Or maybe you think it is time over-looked amphibians and reptiles were in the spotlight – how about the Tapichalaca Treefrog in Ecuador, a species new to science that was discovered by our partners Fundación Jocotoco in their nature reserve in 2003?

Whatever the animal and whatever the reason, pin an image of it today. Simply sign in and follow World Land Trust, then find an image of a species from one of our reserves and begin your caption: @World Land Trust (WLT) It is important to me that your nature reserves protect this animal because…

We will repin all the images that inspire you, so start sharing your passion for the natural world today.

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