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Florida panther

Discover the prizes on offer and how to enter the BBC Wildlife Magazine Camera-trap Photo of the Year competition 2012

Whether you are a researcher carrying out species monitoring in the rainforest or a keen amateur photographer enjoying the wildlife in your back garden, enter your best camera-trap photos by 13 July for a chance to win great prizes.

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Launched in 2010, the competition has been showcasing the most exciting and revealing camera-trap images being captured by conservationists around the world. Sponsored by World Land Trust (WLT) and Páramo, the competition is raising awareness and funds for conservation while helping to advance scientific knowledge.

Sir David Attenborough, WLT’s patron, said:

“The use of camera-traps has revolutionized the way that animals are studied in the wild. Researchers and conservationists are now able to gain vital information on species behaviour and range without the slightest disturbance. I congratulate BBC Wildlife Magazine and World Land Trust on giving overseas Non-governmental Organisations an opportunity to share these exciting ‘behind the scenes’ images which really enable us to understand better rare and secretive species.”

How to enter:

You can enter a maximum of 12 camera-trap images in any of the four categories:

Sable antelope

New Discoveries category winner in 2011: Lajuma Research Centre (Winning £1,000): The first Sable antelope to be spotted in the Western Soutpansberg, South Africa after years of absence © Alessandro Araldi

Animal Portraits Images taken during the course of your research should capture the character or spirit of their subject.

Animal Behaviour Images captured during the course of your research should show interesting or unusual behaviour.

New Discoveries Images should show something new to science, such as a species never before photographed in the wild or outside its known range, or behaviour never before recorded. The copy must make clear what the discovery is.

British Wildlife Images must be taken in the British Isles by amateur photographers.

Study the rules by visiting BBC Wildlife Magazine’s website and follow the instructions to upload your images.

The prizes:

The winner of each of the three ‘research’ categories will be awarded £1,000 for their conservation project. The overall winner will be chosen from one of these three winners and their project will win an additional £2,000.

The winner of the British Wildlife category will win a top of the range Páramo Halcon jacket worth £310. Páramo’s clothing is ethically manufactured in Bogotá, Colombia, and the company is Carbon Balanced through WLT.

The winners, up to three runners-up and up to six commended images in each category, will be chosen by a panel of experts including editor of BBC Wildlife Magazine Sophie Stafford and WLT council member Mark Carwardine. They will be published in BBC Wildlife Magazine and/or online at www.discoverwildlife.com

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Watch a video of the winning entries from last year’s competition: