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Ranger helps a child plant a tree in the Atlantic Rainforest

Plant a native tree for your Dad in a protected nature reserve in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest to celebrate Father’s Day on June 17

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This original, green present by World Land Trust (WLT) is the perfect way to share your passion for protecting the world’s wilderness as it will help improve this rainforest habitat for threatened wildlife.

For as little as £5, this environmentally-friendly gift will help expand the reserve’s natural forest by connecting fragmented and isolated patches of trees to create a continuous habitat for endangered animals.

Safe haven for wildlife

Puma in Belize

Far ranging species, like the Puma, need large areas of forest cover to roam in search of food and breeding partners. Pumas are known to roam through the Guapi Assu Reserve © Terry McManus

Your tree will be planted in the Guapi Assu Reserve, a natural sanctuary for an array of threatened wildlife that protects over 18,000 acres of Atlantic Rainforest in the coastal state of Rio de Janeiro. This is a permanently protected nature reserve, meaning that your tree will be safe to grow and flourish and you can even visit the reserve on holiday to see how your donation has helped support conservation.

Many years ago the Guapi Assu Reserve was farmland, so a lot of its pristine forest was destroyed to grow crops and for cattle to graze. By donating to this Plant a Tree appeal you will help connect fragmented Atlantic Rainforest to create a contiguous habitat for wildlife.

Having space to roam under forest cover is especially important for far-ranging animals, like the Puma. King of the jungle, the Puma is a top predator and is known to travel through the reserve in search of food, mating partners, and to avoid conflict with people.

Threats facing the rainforest

Once stretching in huge swathes throughout Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, the Atlantic Rainforest has been reduced to isolated patches of forest; in the past 100 years about 93 per cent has been lost.

It is now vital that we save as many of the remaining rainforest fragments as possible and work to improve this habitat for the species that depend on it for their survival.

This gift will help towards the regeneration and long-term preservation of this protected nature reserve in Brazil – providing a rich home for threatened wildlife.

Gift card for Father's Day

Make a gift donation on behalf of your Dad this Father’s Day and we will email you a gift card in recognition of your support © WLT

Green rainforest gift

Make a gift donation on behalf of your Dad this Father’s Day and we will email you a gift card personalised with your Dad’s name in appreciation and recognition of your support.

You can order your gift card until Thursday 14 June – perfect for a last minute Father’s Day present that is ideal for all nature lovers.

Either print out the gift card or email it to your Dad, as the most environmentally-friendly option that you could complement with one of our beautifully designed e-cards.

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