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Supporters show great feedback to help the World Land Trust (WLT) ensure that we are sending you the right information for your needs

After sending out our eBulletin questionnaire in March, the World Land Trust (WLT) was extremely grateful for the huge response we had from our supporters who dedicated their time to completing it.

Your feedback has been invaluable to WLT and we aim to respond to any specific queries or comments in the near future. In the meantime, we hope you find the summary of the results interesting.

Please note: for many of the questions supporters could answer more than one option.

Summary of results:

How long have you supported WLT?

The majority completing the eBulletin questionnaire have been supporters of WLT for less than five years.

Do you receive too much or not enough information by email or post?

When receiving information by email, 88% of supporters said they had just the right amount, while 10% said they didn’t have enough and 2% said they had too much.

When receiving information by post, 85% of supporters said they had just the right amount, while 5% said not enough and 10% said too much.

Where do you gain most of your information about WLT’s work?

The vast majority, 436 people, said that they gain most of their information from the website and eBulletin, while 31 people also use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In comparison, 193 people receive most of their information from our newsletter, WLT News. While just 12 people attend WLT events and lectures for most of their updates.

When you receive the WLT eBulletin, how often do you read it?

Only 3% of our supporters said that they rarely read the eBulletin, in comparison to 45% who said that they read it every time. Those reading approximately every other eBulletin made up 33% and 19% said they read them only occasionally. 

What is the main purpose of the eBulletin for you?

Almost everyone uses the eBulletin for news and updates, 531 people. While 8% said it reminded them to donate to WLT, 5% used it to show potential supporters, and 3% used it as a tool in their business or organisation.

Do you realise that the eBulletin and WLT News contain different information?

Most of our supporters did not know this, with 68% answering no and 32% yes. NB:  If you would like to receive WLT News please let us know and we will add you to our mailing list.

Do you receive WLT News?

Most of our supporters answering the questionnaire do not receive both the eBulletin and WLT News, 64% don’t and 36% do. Of those receiving WLT News, most wanted WLT to continue producing three issues a year and 54% would like to continue receiving the Annual Review and Accounts that we post with the Late Summer Issue.

Which of WLT’s project areas are of particularly interest you?

The top five project areas of most interest to our supporters, were Brazil, Ecuador, Malaysia (Borneo), India, and Colombia.

Are there other countries you think should be of particular concern to WLT?

Most supporters said you were happy for WLT to choose the areas that are of highest priority, but at the same time Madagascar and Indonesia were frequently mentioned.

How often do you donate to WLT?

“I am donating now” was the response of 6% of supporters, while 29% donate regularly and 44% donate as often as they can. Those currently unable to donate make up 21%.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this questionnaire. We will be doing a more in-depth analysis of the results, comparing them with questionnaire we sent out with WLT News. This will be extremely helpful in tailoring the information that we send our supporters. Your comments and opinions are always of great importance and interest to the WLT team.

John Burton, WLT CEO, said:

 “I cannot emphasis enough, that when talking about WLT, it is The Team that makes it what it is: the board, the staff, our overseas partners and, of course, our supporters. It is our supporters that fuel our enthusiasm and the responses from the returned questionnaires told us that they very much feel part of the team.”

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