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Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve©Roberto Pedraza

Support the World Land Trust (WLT) during the Big Give week, December 5 to 9, and see your donation doubled – saving twice as much critically threatened habitat for wildlife

Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve

Help the WLT to raise £200,000 in one week to save threatened habitats, such as the beautiful but threatened forests of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in Mexico. Photo © Roberto Pedraza

With your support, WLT can save up to 2,000 acres of habitat to protect some of the most threatened species on Earth. Join us in the Big Give Christmas Challenge between 5 and 9 December.

Our ambitious target is to raise £100,000 in just five days through the Big Give website. Every donation will be doubled, saving twice as much critically threatened habitat for wildlife. These matched funds are provided by pledged support from WLT’s high donors and sponsorship money from the Big Give.

If we reach this £100,000 target, we will raise a staggering £200,000 for our conservation projects through matched funds.

All donations will go directly to saving real acres, in real places. It will support our Buy an Acre projects, enabling WLT and our partner organisations to create more nature reserves in Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico – protecting threatened habitat and wildlife forever.

How can I help?

Simply start donating to WLT on the Big Give website, no matter how small your donation, from 10am on 5 December. The earlier you donate the more chance WLT has of securing the full amount of matched funding. This could raise a staggering £200,000 for land purchase to create nature reserves, protecting some of the most threatened habitat and wildlife in the world.

What if…

Even if we do not hit this ambitious target of raising £100,000 in five days, every donation will still be matched pound for pound. This means that no matter what, your donation will be doubled and go to directly funding land purchase to protect threatened habitats and wildlife forever.

Date for your Diary:  5 December, 10am

Please make your donation on the Big Give website and help us raise £200,000 for conservation. Donations can be made throughout the five days, but the earlier the better.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is a great opportunity to see your donation doubled, enabling WLT to save twice as much critically threatened habitat for wildlife. Thank you for rising to the challenge with us.

For more information, visit the Big Give website

To donate, visit WLT’s page on the Big Give website.

Please note:

  • Do not donate before 10am, 5 December.
  • Make sure you donate on the Big Give website.
  • All donations of up to £5,000 will receive matched funding, but anything above this amount will not receive matched funds on the difference. For example, for a £7,000 donation the excess £2,000 will not receive matched funds, resulting in a £12,000 donation to WLT.
  • Matching pauses each day when the day’s allocation of matching funds has been used. This is made clear on the Big Give website and you should donate when matching resumes at 10am the next day.
  • If we hit our £100,000 target, any further donations will still go to WLT but will not be matched. This will be made very clear on the Big Give website before you donate.

Thank you again for your support

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