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If you or your company use printed materials you can start cutting your carbon footprint immediately by choosing, or asking your printer to select, Carbon Balanced Paper.

Carbon Balanced Paper logo

All papers within the Carbon Balanced Paper range have had their embedded greenhouse gas emissions offset at the point of sale through the Carbon Balanced programme of World Land Trust (WLT). This means that the emissions involved in the production of this range of paper products have been measured, with the assistance of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, experts in the field of carbon footprinting.

Customers ordering Carbon Balanced Paper have the added reassurance that they too are not contributing to climate change, as the emissions produced by their order will also be offset by WLT’s highly-respected Carbon Balanced programme. A downloadable logo and product information confirms how much carbon has been offset through the paper used for a particular print job.

What is WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme?

To address the growing threat of dangerous climate change and the global decline in biodiversity, WLT launched its Carbon Balanced programme in 2005 to encourage individuals and small-medium size businesses to calculate and offset their unavoidable carbon emissions.

WLT offsets emissions by preserving forests under imminent threat of deforestation, while carrying out reforestation and natural regeneration to connect fragmented and degraded forest habitats where needed.

This means that not only does WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme protect the stored carbon within forest habitats – that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere – but it also safeguards biodiversity and threatened ecosystems and the range of ecosystem services they support.

WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme currently focuses on Ecuador, protecting and restoring vital forest habitat at five sites chosen for their high levels of biodiversity, as well as their suitability for offsetting emissions.

So far WLT has offset some 50,000 tonnes of carbon that would have otherwise contributed to global warming. It is helping to tackle dangerous climate change and protect biodiversity by saving some of the world’s most threatened habitats and wildlife.

Show off your carbon commitment

When you choose Carbon Balanced Paper you will be entitled to use a specially developed World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Paper icon on your print run downloadable by your printer. This high-visibility seal lets people know that you are committed to reducing your carbon impacts through the Carbon Balanced programme.

Thank you for your support

WLT is receiving growing feedback from printers who are encouraging their clients to opt for Carbon Balanced Paper and from customers who have chosen this paper to show their concern for the environment.

A number of WLT’s corporate supporters are already using Carbon Balanced Paper as are several members of BIAZA. (BIAZA is the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums, a professional body representing the best zoos and aquariums in Britain and Ireland. BIAZA and its members have been long term supporters of WLT and have been instrumental in raising funds for WLT’s project in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest.)

Kingfisher Press (corporate supporters and WLT’s official printer) now promote Carbon Balanced Paper and say:

More and more businesses are opting for products that help to reduce their corporate carbon footprint and the range of Carbon Balanced papers now available enables us to offer a true benefit to their cause. At Kingfisher we use Carbon Balanced papers wherever possible for our own print, and promote the range of papers at every opportunity with clients. Displaying the Carbon Balanced Paper logo demonstrates that print has been produced with the environment in mind and supports environmental policy.”

More information

Carbon Balanced Paper was launched in 2011. For more information on Carbon Balanced Paper visit or email [email protected] or call (01327) 828280.

This page was updated on 5 January 2016 in line with changes to the administration and distribution of Carbon Balanced Paper. 

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