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Treat your Dad to a unique green gift on Father’s Day, 19 June 2011, by funding a wildlife reserve ranger through the World Land Trust


Fathers, reserve rangers and WLT Keepers of the Wild – support a ranger this Father’s Day. Photo © Alan Martin

It is not always easy being Dad, and for the rangers on WLT-funded reserves in far flung parts of the world not only do they have their own children to think of but they also have to act as Dad to all the wildlife they protect. While they are protecting wild animals in wild places their role is still vital to the safety of their ‘families’. Through our Keepers of the Wild appeal, the World Land Trust (WLT) is helping to support reserve rangers who work tirelessly to protect some of the most threatened wildlife on the planet. In these remote and beautiful parts of the world – from Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico and Guatemala, to Venezuela, Borneo, Armenia and Paraguay – our rangers are working alongside local communities as well to ensure that our conservation projects are a success. Although their work is highly rewarding, it is not always easy. The diverse wildlife and habitat that surrounds their reserve is under constant threat of destruction and our unarmed rangers often come into contact with hunters and poachers that carry weapons. Yet despite potential dangers, they are committed to their work and are true defenders of the wild. Make a gift donation on behalf of your Dad this Father’s Day and we will send you a certificate to record your support, a Keepers of the Wild fabric badge that are worn by our official rangers, and a card for you to write your personal message.  Your donation will protect real animals in real places.

What’s in a Father’s Day gift pack?

For gift donations of £15 or more to our Keepers of the Wild appeal, you will receive an individually produced Father’s Day gift pack, including a personalised certificate and an exclusive wildlife card. The gift pack is full of information about the habitat and wildlife you are helping to save and also includes the latest issue of WLT News, a mini-magazine describing the Trust’s recent conservation activities across the world. You can also choose to receive the gift pack by email, which will have links to information on the Keepers of the Wild appeal, as well as our e-bulletin and WLT News. If you would like to add a card to compliment your electronic gift pack, then choose from one of the attractive e-cards on our website – the greener way of sharing your personalised message. You can continue to keep up-to-date with all the adventures from our Keepers of the Wild rangers as they will post regular updates on our website, with photographs of the wilderness they are protecting and the amazing species they spot.

How to make a donation:

  • Open our Gift Donation form
  • Choose “Father’s Day” as your occasion
  • Select “Keepers of the Wild” as the project you wish to support
  • Deadline for all Father’s Day donations wishing to receive a gift pack is Thursday 16th June

Feel inspired: meet reserve ranger, Galo Velez, from Ecuador

Father of three, Galo lives with his wife and three children in a village in north-western Ecuador, near the Río Canandé Reserve where he works as the head ranger. An excellent leader, 53-year-old Galo has worked for Fundación Jocotoco, who own the reserve, for 11 years and is passionate about the wildlife he is protecting. Galo hopes to one day see a Jaguar and a Choco Tapir that are known to live in the reserve. Despite knowing the importance of his work with Fundación Jocotoco, Galo worries about the future:

“Over the years I have seen so much forest lost to make way for agriculture and this is still going on”, he said. “It is possible that in the future only the reserve will remain.”

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