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Save it with a Scarf designers

Celebrating a successful night for environmental conservation as World Land Trust teams up with Liberty and four talented young designers

Save it with a Scarf designers

Save it with a scarf designers, clockwise: Pheobe Farrell, Freya Perrett, Lollie Dunbar and Evelyn Males Echeverria. Photo © Sarah Molloy/Liberty

Liberty’s launch party of “Save it with a Scarf” created great excitement in London’s world-famous department store on 10 May 2011, raising funds and awareness for World Land Trust (WLT) conservation projects across the globe.  The five exclusive scarf designs were created by four students from The Winchester School of Art, to represent and raise funds for WLT’s conservation projects that are in urgent need of support. The designs were chosen from 50 entries submitted by final year students by a panel of judges, which included Tammy Tinker (Fashion Assistant at Vogue), Alexandra Stylianidis (Liberty Accessories Buyer), Michael Lewis (Shoe Designer), Bruce Pearson (Wildlife Artist and WLT Trustee), and Dominic Jones (Jewellery Designer and WLT Ambassador). Among the famous-faces to show their support at the event were TV presenter Cat Deeley, model and DJ Bip Ling, and actress Jamie Winstone. On the night, the four winning designers – Lollie Dunbar, Evelyn Males Echeverria, Freya Perrett, and Pheobe Farrell – were delighted to see their printed designs for the first time. Lollie said: “It is simply surreal to see Lily Cole modelling my design and I’m amazed that I’m actually here.” The scarves went on sale in Liberty’s renowned Scarf Hall on 10 May 2011. They are printed on silk and cost £115, with 15 per cent from the sale of each scarf going towards the represented project area.

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Meet the designers

Designer Lollie Dunbar: India and Borneo scarves

“Designing these scarves for Liberty and World Land Trust has been a great experience, but it has also educated me in so many different ways – not only about conservation but also how fashion can work alongside environmental projects. It’s completely opened my eyes to the charity and I am surprised at how driven I have become to make people more aware of conservation issues.” 

Designer Evelyn Males Echeverria: Paraguay scarf

“I’m originally from South America so it was really great to be able to create a design inspired from my own background. I’ve also always believed in finding a middle point; from doing what you enjoy – for me, fashion and textiles – and finding a worthwhile cause to support. So when I was given the project to work with Liberty and World Land Trust, I felt finally I could do something that I was really passionate about.”

Designer Phoebe Farrell:  Argentina scarf

“I was already interested in environmentally-friendly fashion so this project was a great opportunity to pursue this. After researching the World land Trust projects I became really interested in insects, focusing on these small creatures being overwhelmed by man. I wanted to look at death; not in a gothic way, but because I believe it is central to the project and I wanted to tackle it head on. I looked into entomology, the scientific study on insects, and how museum insects are often displayed in grid-like patterns. I recreated this in my design, as though they were the very last species to be preserved.”

Designer Freya Perrett: Keepers of the Wild scarf

“Being given conservation as concept was definitely a challenge. But when Emma Beckett, from World Land Trust’s PR company, gave a talk on the project it really fired everyone up – her passion was really amazing. So from it being a fairly abstract and difficult topic to translate into textile design, it became without doubt the most inspiring project we’ve ever worked on.”

Liberty video of the Save it with a Scarf launch