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REGUA rangers

Support the conservation work of reserve rangers who are committed to protecting threatened habitats and their wildlife

REGUA rangers

The Keepers of the Wild Appeal will fund more rangers on WLT supported reserves, like these rangers at REGUA.

The World Land Trust (WLT) has successfully saved 400,000 acres of threatened wildlife habitat worldwide. This means that our partner organisations must work tirelessly to ensure that the wildlife reserves that have been created are protected from poachers and habitat destruction. This puts a great strain on them and their resources.To address this urgent need, throughout 2011 WLT are raising funds to help get more rangers into the reserves. It only costs about £5,000 to fund a ranger for one year, making a huge difference to our partners’ on-the-ground conservation work.

How can you support the appeal?

For fundraising events, £5,000 is a great benchmark to set as your ideal target, knowing that this will put a ranger in the field for one year. The sponsored ranger will post regular up-dates about their conservation work on our website, so you can get a real insight into their vital role and their passion for the incredible wildlife that surrounds them.Individual contributions are also gratefully received, as smaller donations really do make a significant difference. For instance, it costs just £65 for a ranger’s kit, providing the vital yet simple essentials of footwear, binoculars or backpacks.

Where are funds from the Keepers of the Wild appeal going?

Funds from the Keepers of the Wild appeal will be spread across our project partners initially in Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Paraguay, Armenia, Borneo, and Brazil, as well as three out of four of our partners in Ecuador (Nature and Culture International, Fundación Jocotoco, and Fundación EcoMinga). The funds will provide a ranger’s salary for one year and vital resources.   Without the rangers in the field, ensuring adequate protection of these threatened habitats and their wildlife would not be possible.

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