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World Land Trust’s (WLT) online Carbon Balanced calculator has been treated to an upgrade.  We have aimed to keep the look the same so you might not even notice, but dig a little deeper.

You will find by visiting the Calculator, that you can now Carbon Balance different aspects of summer vacations to the continent thanks to the addition of ferries to the existing modes of transport -both car and foot passenger journeys by ferry are now catered for.  For those preferring the coach, the calculator now distinguishes between local buses and national coaches.


WLT’s Carbon Balanced Calculator

WLT’s carbon offset calculations are based on the ‘Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors’ issued by Defra, the UK Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs.  Defra review and, where necessary, revise these emissions factors on an annual basis.  So to ensure that our calculations apply the most up-to-date scientific thinking we have incorporated the changes from the recently released 2010 update into our online Carbon Balanced calculator.

Most of these additions may go unnoticed, but when it comes to emissions offsetting, details really do matter.  As far as we are concerned, the more robust our calculations the better, and we are sure that you feel the same way.

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