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As part of the International Year of Biodiversity, the Natural History Museum London(NHM) is sending an expedition into the Paraguayan Dry Chaco. Collaboration between NHM, Ministry of the Environment (National Museum of Natural History, Paraguay (MNHNP)) and World Land Trust (WLT) project partner Guyra Paraguay along with funding from NHM supporters, has enabled the one month expedition to get underway. The focus will be on the unique biodiversity of the Chaco, including the Cerro Chovoreca National Park, one of the areas WLT is supporting in the Defending the Chaco Appeal.

Flowering Lapacho Trees in the Dry Chaco

The flowering Lapacho trees, characteristic of the Dry Chaco habitat where the expedition will be centered.

This is a groundbreaking expedition into an area where little exploration has ever taken place. One of the aims is to raise awareness of Paraguayan biodiversity and to provide conservationists with vital information and increased knowledge of this critically threatened habitat.

Further information

Find out the latest about the expedition on the NHM website Find out more about WLT’s work in the area on the Defending the Chaco Appeal page. Support the Defending the Chaco Appeal