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Elephant Friendship bracelets
Elephant Friendship bracelets

Limited edition Friendship bracelets containing Swarovski pearls. Purchasing one of these bracelets will help raise funds for WLT's Indian Elephant Corridor Appeal…

The Pearly Prince

…as will the auction of the Pearly Prince, one of WLT's elephants taking part in the Elephant Parade in London.

The Elephant Parade in London, which aims to raise awareness of and funds for elephant conservation is now underway. The ‘Pearly Prince’, one of the two WLT elephants in parade, is now happily ensconced in the window of Coutts Bank on The Strand. His Swarovski pearls and crystals shimmer under the lighting and he looks very magnificent, thanks to Sarah Ho, the designer.  He was auctioned at Sotherby’s at the end of the parade to raise funds for the Indian Elephant Corridor Appeal. To help raise additional funds for this project, a limited edition of Elephant Friendship Bracelets have been produced, featuring Swarovski pearls and a silver elephant charm, available in three vibrant colours. A percentage of the sales will be donated to WLT and they cost £49.50 each. They have been available from the end of May 2010. For your nearest retailer please contact SHO Fine Jewellery:
Tel: 020 7436 6443
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.shojewellery.com
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