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The Pangan Reserve
The Pangan Reserve

Blue Pangan Poison Arrow Frog

Top: The Pangan Reserve, Colombia. Above: Blue Pangan Poison Arrow Frog. Photo: © ProAves Colombia

More than 500 acres (200 hectares) of sub-tropical forest in the Chocó rainforests of southern Colombia will be purchased and protected by World Land Trust's (WLT) project partner ProAves, thanks to support from WLT and WLT-US.

The acquisition of this land will significantly extend the Pangan Reserve – the existing ProAves reserve of 12,000 acre (4,856 hectare) and will help link two large indigenous reserves, the UNIPA and CAMIWAI reserves of the Awá people.

The Pangan Reserve supports some the highest concentrations of endemic birds, frogs, orchids, and butterfly diversity in the world including Longwattled Umbrella Bird, Banded Ground Cuckoo, Baudó Guan, Blue Pangan Poison Arrow Frog – entirely restricted to these forests, Spectacled Bear and the Jaguar.