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By John Burton, WLT Founder CEO

My apologies to any regular readers of this column for my recent silence. There are very good reasons. First I was away in Brazil for a meeting of the leaders of 17 of our partner organisations. Perhaps the most stimulating gathering of this type I have ever been to. Such enthusiasm and support from all our partners.

The second reason is that since I returned life has been incredibly hectic, and the main reason has been the interest in the work of the World Land Trust being shown by the corporate sector. And this is not just ‘greenwash’. The businesses approaching us have thought long and hard, they have researched us thoroughly and decided that what we are doing is worthwhile, the way we are doing it is a good one, and that we are an organisation they wish to be associated with.

We now have around 150 businesses sponsoring the WLT in some form or another. Some are small, donating perhaps £5,000 a year, while others are donating £100,000 or more. But all according to their means, and we are developing good, longterm relationships.

Several of our supporters contacted me after a massive feature about the Prince’s Rainforests Project was published in The Times last week, and seemed worried that they were getting lots of publicity, and the WLT was not mentioned. This was not an issue as far as I was concerned. The more organisations doing something about rainforest destruction, the better. And We at the WLT can hardly handle the huge increase we are getting. We aim to deliver 5*, top grade A biodiversity conservation. And with our track record now spanning 20 years, I believe we are creating a sustainable model that others should adopt.

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