Saved: 657 hectares of forest in Guatemala SEARCH NEWS

Wetland, Guatemala

The Caribbean region of Guatemala contains several critically important, but highly threatened, wildlife habitats, including mangroves and tropical rainforests.

Wetland, Guatemala

The Río Sarstún watershed in Guatemala, protecting important mangrove and tropical forest habitats. Click the image to see a larger version. (Photo: Marco Cerezo)

Recognising the significance of the area, Guatemalan conservation organisation, and World Land Trust project partner FUNDAECO, recently negotiated the purchase to save 657 hectares of forest that was about to be cleared to protect it as a nature reserve.

In order to secure the land. located within the Río Sarstún watershed, FUNDAECO urgently needed to raise the funds for the down payment, and this is where World Land Trust (WLT) was able to help.

WLT transferred the funds needed for this purpose and with the down payment taken care of FUNDAECO has now been able to obtain a loan to fund the rest of this purchase. WLT is committed to assisting in fundraising for this vital property and has pledged a further US$60,000 toward the project over the next two years.

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