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WLT news:

WLT's 'Buy an Acre' projects have made it easy for individuals to take positive action for wildlife for 20 years. The Buy an Acre concept relies on land prices being relatively low — and stable — and this has so far been the case in our project areas in South America, where our project partners are still able to buy land quite cheaply. For this reason a donation of £50 will save One Acre, on average, in Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay and Brazil. We have introduced the Buy an Acre Fund for donations to all of the projects where £50 saves an acre. So if you are finding it difficult to choose a project to support, a donation to the Buy an Acre Fund will make sure your money goes to the Buy an Acre project where it is most urgently needed.

In other parts of the world land is very much more expensive and land prices vary enormously. In our project areas in Malaysian Borneo, India and Kenya we don't always know in advance how many acres your donation will be able to buy. What we can guarantee, is that your donation will be used for land purchase and protection and nothing else. You can support our Urgent Appeals through JustGiving.com (more details about the current appeals will be added to the website shortly).

If you are happy for the World Land Trust to choose where your donation is most urgently needed, among all the Trust's priority land purchase and protection projects, you can donate to the WLT Action Fund. Please note that for gift donations to the WLT Action Fund we will still be able to produce certificates but we won't be able to state how many acres have been saved.

It's worth pointing out that your donation to the World Land Trust is saving real acres in real places, permanently — it is not a limited sponsorship, or 'adoption' of a piece of land sold over and over again.

When you support a project where we are no longer funding land purchases (these are projects labelled "successfully completed") your donation will fund ongoing conservation work in the reserves, such as a warden's salary.

We are currently in the process of updating all our web pages to reflect the introduction of the Buy an Acre Fund and the urgent appeals. In the meantime you may find some conflicting information on the site, so if you are in any doubt as to what your donation options are, please contact the WLT office and our donations team will be able to clarify the situation.