New project in Margarita Island, Venezuela


By John Burton, WLT Founder CEO

Last Saturday the representative of our Venezuelan partner, Asociación Civil Provita, came to London to meet the donor to a very special project on the island of Margarita.

Jon Paul Rodríguez, President of Provita had been attending meetings in Switzerland, and was able to make the fleeting visit, and show just how effective his organisation was in conserving some extremely fragile habitats. See Provita’s website (in Spanish) for more information.

The project will help ensure not only the long-term future of the Yellow-Shouldered Parrot, but a lot of other species, also to be found in the 700 hectare reserve that is being created. (More details of this project will be available on the website soon.)

With a steady stream of potential visitors from the heavily developed parts of Margarita, it is likely that sustainable incomes to manage the reserve and also support the local community will be developed. Margarita is a very well known tourist destination, but the Macanoa Peninsula where the reserve is located is still relatively unspoiled. Go there if you can!




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