Paraguay’s National Parks guarded thanks to World Land Trust supporters SEARCH NEWS

Funds provided by the World Land Trust (WLT) are being used to employ guards to protect some of the largest National parks in Paraguay under the shared management of the National Parks in the Northern Chaco of Paraguay. The five new rangers employed by Guyra Paraguay, WLT's partners in Paraguay will be based in Defensores del Chaco, the largest national park in the country with more than 700,000 hectares. One of the needs apart from giving concrete protection to the park, is the updating of the management plan of Defensores National Park, which will be done during the next months in close cooperation with local people. According to Guyra Paraguay, The Minister of the Environment, José Luis Casaccia is pleased to now have six rangers protecting the largest National Park and hopes the WLT and other international organisations will play a key role in the management of Paraguay's protected areas.

In addition to activities at Defensores National Park, the development of the Río Negro National Park management plan is about to begin. This aims to establish a biological vision for how to unite these two parks with a third, Chovoreca, in which live the native indigenous groups the Ayoreos and the Chamacoco, whose traditionally used areas need to be secured and protected.