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The first video of the Banded Ground Cuckoo (Neomorphus radiolosus) has been recorded in Río Canandé Reserve in Ecuador. The short clip was recorded by Ron Hoff, whilst in the World Land Trust (WLT) supported reserve with Mindo Bird Tours.

The Banded Ground Cuckoo occurs in Colombia as well as Ecuador where it lives in wet foothill forests. Although the bird makes use of secondary vegetation, it seems that the species depends on primary forests, which are rapidly disappearing or becoming degraded. This habitat loss is the reason the Banded Ground Cuckoo is classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. However, at Canandé the Banded Ground Cuckoo and other species are protected thanks to WLT's project partners Fundación Jocotoco, who own and manage this reserve.

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