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As promised in the previous World Land Trust eBulletin, here are some tips that can help you make your Christmas celebrations a little friendlier on the environment:

Did you know that you can rent a Christmas tree? Apparently these trees will be planted after Christmas, making this an alternative to consider if you want to know that your tree will have a life after Christmas. Many places now recycle trees, so if renting or home-composting isn't possible, check with your local government about recycling facilities.

Make an effort to use recycled paper for wrapping your Christmas presents, and save paper from one year to the next – you can iron out the creases in paper, using a cool iron. Or even better, wrap your gifts in reusable canvas bags or table cloths, or wrap soap or perfume in a pretty scarf making the wrap part of the gift.

Give IOUs and shared experiences to your friends and family instead of consumer goods. You could offer 10 hours dog walking or a few hours gardening, or even cook a dinner for your friends.

Everyone loves getting homemade gifts but the problem is that they take time and creativity. But if you do have a bit of spare time try making your own Christmas presents from items you have lying around the house such as bits of material for little bags or cushions, or jars of chutney and jam. Yes, it sounds very Blue Peter – and that's the idea. According to BBC, making your own gifts is becoming popular again.