WLT’s first partner exchange brings Paraguay closer SEARCH NEWS

Silvia Centron
Silvia Centron

Silvia Centrón (here pictured in the Atlantic Forest with an Olivaceous Woodcreeper), is Bioinformatics Officer at Guyra Paraguay and is currently working in the WLT office in Suffolk, helping the Trust organise its image database, as well as assisting with translations and co-ordination of the new conservation programmes in Paraguay.

Silvia is spending two and a half months with the Trust in what is hoped will be the first of many exchanges with WLT's partner organisations. Says John Burton, WLT's CEO: "So often international organisations try to impose management systems on local NGOs. In contrast, the Trust's policy has always been to encourage local expertise, and with exchanges such as this, the WLT are able to benefit from the skills of our partners in ways which will ultimately result in more funds being raised."

Learn more about Silvia in a recent piece by Simon Barnes in the Times: