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Upload your video and win DVD!

Here at Wildlife Focus we really want people to get involved with the site by contributing wildlife related content such as photos, videos and your wildlife experiences. The idea is that in time the site will become a place, not only where people can learn more about the World Land Trust projects, but also share their love of nature with the wider community.

To get things going we have added a video sharing section that allows you to watch, search and browse videos as well as uploading your own – kind of like a wildlife YouTube! The system is easy to use and it takes only minutes to put your videos on the site for the whole world to see.

As an incentive for people to get uploading we will be giving away a copy of the film “An Inconvenient Truth” on DVD to one of the first ten users who uploads a video. All ten will receive a pack of World Land Trust Christmas cards in time to send to your nearest and dearest. The only thing that we ask is that all the videos are related to Nature or Conservation but apart from that the more varied the content the more interesting the site!

The internet can be a great way to get people interested and excited about our living planet, and ultimately to want to help protect it, but we need your help: Show the world some of the amazing wildlife the world has to offer .

By uploading a video you certify that you own the rights to the video submitted. You give Wildlife Focus (WF) the right to modify and publish the video on the WF site and in addition, you allow others to embed the content (unmodified) into other websites, provided they give you credit. 

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