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Support the Orang-utan Appeal
Support the Orang-utan Appeal

The World Land Trust Orang-utan Appeal, launched in July 2008, aims to raise £343,000 to save a priceless piece of forest in Malaysian Borneo and the Orang-utans which live in it.

In the first three months, we received tremendous support for this vital project, raising over a third of the funding needed. Over £4,000 was raised thanks to eBulletin readers, when the appeal was featured in the last issue of the newsletter.

Thanks to the donations from WLT's supporters, individual as well as corporate, negotiations for the land have moved to the next level and WLT now has until the end of the year to raise the remainder of funds needed.

Our appeal is still very urgent and any contribution will bring us closer to the goal. As WLT Partner Chris Redston of Catford, London, said in a recent email:

"Isn't it a crazy mad world where governments can apparently find hundreds of billions of dollars to shore up failing banks, yet it's so hard to find a few hundred grand to save a species. Still, we're all doing what we can and hearing the good news that WLT is buying land for Orang-utans gives me heart that all is not lost."

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You can also donate by calling the WLT office at +44 (0)1986 874422