Ants eat webcam router! SEARCH NEWS

coatis at webcam feeder

If you are reading this blog then you will be aware that the webcam has been offline for some time due to the lack of internet connection at the reserve. Amongst other things these "technical" difficulties were due to the extremely damp conditions in the tropics shorting out our circuits and the wires inside the router being ruthlessly eaten by ants!

Right now we have Sean Barry (a volunteer who has recently finished a masters in streaming technology system) working at Buenaventura with our Ecuadorian partners to get the system online again. We have asked Sean to send us an update on his progress of the reserve by way of a blog so watch this space to find out what's going on.

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Although the webcam has not been transmitting to the outside world the camera itself has been on and the Buenaventura staff have been using it to take some photos of some of the animals that have come to eat at the bird feeder.

They have recently sent these photos of some of the more unusual visitors who enjoy the luxury of eating the food put out by the guards.

coatis at webcam feeder

Wire-crested thorntail (Discosura Popelairia) and Blue-chested (Amazilia amabilis) Hummingbrids with the Coatis family

toucans at webcam feeder

Choco toucans

bat at webcam feeder

Bat Species feeding

firefly at webcam feeder


coatis at webcam feeder

Coati with Green Thorntail (Discosura conversii) hummingbirds