Palm Oil Free Soap from new WLT Sponsor SEARCH NEWS

WLT supporter Mrs Dixon wrote to us recently concerned about the use of palm oil in so many products. Palm oil is possibly the single greatest threat to rainforests and Friends of the Earth estimate that it is present in one in ten supermarket products. This issue is discussed on Page 3 of the Autumn issue of WLT News (also available online)

Quite by chance we were contacted by Elizabeth Carnahan, of Longcroft Soap, about the same time. She is a committed campaigner against the use of palm oil saying: "Despite what soap makers will tell you, it is not essential to use palm oil in soap. We are a small cottage soapworks in Scotland producing handcrafted, all-vegetable soaps and other toiletries. We endeavour to keep our products fun, fresh, and as natural as possible by using locally-sourced ingredients such sheep's milk, beeswax, honey, and even good Scot's whisky. We use only high quality ingredients and choose organic when possible. And we definitely do not use palm oil."

Longcroft Soap are now donating 100% of the profits from their "In the Rainforest with Lula" soap to WLT's Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest project.

(I can confirm that "In the Rainforest with Lula" is lovely soap with a wonderful smell which I'm told is white ginger, myrrh, light white lily, and star fruit. I will certainly be buying this for friends this Christmas. Editor)