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Michelle Turner
Michelle Turner

Michelle, before the start of the race.

To support conservation WLT supporter, Michelle Turner, completed the harrowing Michelob ULTRA London Triathlon on 4th August. Michelle wrote a long letter of thanks to all those who kindly sponsored her, of which the following is an extract:

"Hi Everyone

Firstly, I would like to thank those who supported me through my first Triathlon. Your generosity was tremendous and it really helped me get through the day!!

I arrived at Excel early on Sunday and at 11:45 I made my way, along with 400 other women, to the swim meeting point where we primed ourselves for the 1,500 meter swim.

It was a friendly bunch overflowing with team spirit and camaraderie. We swam out to the start, had a chat and a laugh with each other while we waited for the horn to sound.

At 12:10 (right in the midday sun) the horn went and suddenly 400 previously pleasant women turned into a sea of piranhas and I was stuck right in the middle of it. It was very interesting swimming through a maelstrom of fists, elbows, legs and I just relied on my survival skills kicking in when people started trying to swim over the top of me.

I managed to complete the swim in 00:29:33.

So, there I was out of the 'frying pan' bare-footed with wetsuit in hand running as fast as I could into transition just hoping that I could find my bike and kit amongst the other 12,000! The race was now on and I had completely forgotten that it was the hottest weekend of the year.

I completed my first transition time in 00:04:14

Back into transition to try and find my kit again. I dropped off my bike, changed into my running shoes and picked up some chewing gum (an essential running item)!

Gosh, this was a much faster transition at 00:01:35.

Coming out of transition and back into the sun was something else. The heat was so stifling and I started to get very concerned that it would finish me off. I looked at my watch and was really shocked to see the times I had done. In fact, I wondered if I had swallowed just a bit too much of the Thames and it was effecting my vision. Spurred on by this I crossed the finish line at 14:47.22.

I had completed the 10Km run in 00:52.11."

The World Land Trust would like to thank Michelle for her tremendous effort – both in completing the triathlon and in raising an amazing £1,100, plus Gift Aid for the Trust! Michelle raised her money both offline and online, using Justgiving.com, where you can still see her page at www.justgiving.com/TRITURNER