Mongoose spotted in elephant corridor SEARCH NEWS

Stripe-necked Mongoose
Stripe-necked Mongoose

Stripe-necked Mongoose.

This Stripe-necked Mongoose was photographed recently in the new Tirunelli-Kudrakotte elephant corridor being purchased with funds from WLT in Kerala State, India. This species, which ranges from Sri Lanka to Southern India is the largest mongoose in Asia and is generally found away from human settlements, living in forested areas close to water. The corridors are vital in ensuring the safety of wildlife as they move between protected areas. Dr. Easa, senior director in conservation for Wildlife Trust of India, WLT's projects partners in the country, sent the photo, which was taken in the recently vacated land. With the villagers successfully relocated it is hoped that the numbers of stripe-necked mongoose and other species using the corridors will continue to rise.




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