Jaguar in Sierra Gorda photographed, Mexico SEARCH NEWS

Jaguar in Sierra Gorda
Jaguar in Sierra Gorda

Jaguar photographed in Sierra Gorda. See a larger image of the jaguar here. The jaguar photo was taken using a camera trap, put up by Roberto Pedraza, along with Ben and Alina Lenth.

"Dear friends, I just wanted to share with you our first photo of a Sierra Gorda jaguar", wrote Roberto Pedraza in an email from Mexico.

"We placed the cameras in one of the core areas of the reserve, very near to the two properties we just purchased with the support of the Netherlands National IUCN Committee. We got this picture just yesterday. I went there with my dog, Camila, who is usually very exuberant, but on this occasion she was really nervous and shy – I'm sure the jaguar was in the area and Camila felt its presence. We are very excited to find a Jaguar in the area as we didn't know they occurred there and were expecting to get Puma on camera. We think this is a young animal and believe that the mother is also in the area as we found quite big tracks. Will be placing the cameras there again and can't wait to see what we photograph. Vivan los jaguares!!!"

Kirsty Burgess, Programme Manager of the World Land Trust, and Roger Wilson are currently visiting Mexico to meet with Roberto Pedraza of Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda, to discuss land purchase and tree planting opportunities for WLT.