San Rafael Suffering Critical Forest Fire SEARCH NEWS


Dear friends, San Rafael, the first IBA and the last Atlantic Forest Remnant in Paraguay, is suffering the largest fires in its history, though this is not isolated of what is happening in the rest of the region, the rest of Paraguay, northeastern Argentina and western Brazil, the Secretary of the Environment and other member of the government of Paraguay are actively fighting against the fires using the forces of the Army and Police. Guyra Paraguay and Procosara are there with Ramón Villalba, the manager of San Rafael, leading with this. Using remote sensing we are discovering that new fires are being initiated apparently by some landowners or even small farmers. The situation is critical and we are doing as much as we can, being in the press since it has begun (should you like to have these news please tell me) but we have been cover in all newspapers since 1st of March. Today we updated the remote information and this guides us to confirm that some fires have been re-activated. Guyra Paraguay had to direct money resources which we really do not have available to help the government on this so please consider potential support or contributing with some resources for Guyra Paraguay and its allied organizations such as Procosara and WWF to cover this urgent investment. Thanks for your support and go to main newspaper in Paraguay to have a good grasp of the impact of this.

A. Alberto Yanosky F., Lic. Biol., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Director Ejecutivo Guyra Paraguay
Cnel. Rafael Franco 381 c/L. Prieto,
Asunción – Paraguay
Tel/Fax 595-21-227777

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The World Land Trust is happy to accept donations on behalf of Guyra Paraguay; please call +44 (0) 1986 874422 for details.